Rexroth DKC Ecodrive Fault Codes

bbReady for operation
AbDrive is ready
AFDrive Enabled
AHDrive halt
JbJog Backwards
JFJog forwards
P0Phase 0
P1Phase 1
P2Phase 2
P3Phase 3
PLBasic Parameter Load/Lost Parameters
ULBasic load/Motor type has changed
– 0Drive data storage is tested
– 1Drive hardware is initialized
– 2Supply voltage of encoder is missing
– 3Initializing parameters from NVRAM
– 5Initializing command communications
– 6Starting system control
. .Watchdog timer/Hardware fault
E1Processor fault, program error, or hardware fault
E2Firmware module RAM error
E3Hardware fault, Processor watchdog timer was triggered
E4Hardware Fault, Processor watchdog timer was triggered
E5Dual port Ram failed test
F207Switching to uninitialized operation mode
F208UL The motor type has changed
F209PL Load parameter default values/ Parameters lost
F218Amplifier overtemp. shutdown
F219Motor overtemp. shutdown
F220Bleeder overload shutdown
F221Motor temp. surveillance defective
F226Undervoltage in power section
F228Excessive deviation
F229Encoder 1 failure: quadrant error
F230Max. signal frequency of encoder 1 exceeded
F236Excessive position feedback difference
F237Excessive position command difference
F242Encoder 2 failure: signal too small
F245Encoder 2 failure: quadrant error
F246Max signal frequency of encoder 2 exceeded
F248Low battery voltage
F249Master drive encoder failure: signal too small
F252Master drive encoder failure: quadrant error
F253Incr. encoder emulator: pulse frequency too high
F262External short at status outputs
F267Erroneous internal hardware synchronization
F276Absolute encoder out of allowed window
F277Current measurement trim wrong
F281Mains fault
F386No ready signal from supply module
F401Double MST failure shutdown
F402Double MDT failure shutdown
F403Invalid communication phase shutdown
F404Error during phase progression
F405Error during phase regression
F406Phase switching without ready signal
F629Positive travel limit exceeded
F630Negative travel limit exceeded
F643Positive travel limit switch detected
F644Negative travel limit switch detected
F822Encoder 1 failure: signal too small
F860Overcurrent: short in power stage
F870+24Volt DC error
F873Power supply driver stages fault
F878Velocity loop error
F879Velocity limit S-0-0091 exceeded
E221Warning Motor temp. surveillance defective
E225Motor overload
E226Undervoltage in power section
E231No jogging direction selected
E247Interpolation velocity = 0
E248Interpolation acceleration = 0
E249Positioning velocity >= S-0-0091
E250Drive overtemp. prewarning
E251Motor overtemp. prewarning
E252Bleeder overload prewarning
E253Target position out of travel range
E254Not homed
E255Feedrate-override S-0-0108 = 0
E256Torque limit = 0
E257Continuous current limit active
E258Selected process block is not programmed
E259Command velocity limit active
E261Continuous current limit prewarning
E263Velocity command value > limit S-0-0091
E264Target position out of num. range
E281Mains fault
E386No ready signal from supply module
E408Invalid addressing of MDT-data container A
E409Invalid addressing of AT-data container A
E410Slave not scanned or address 0
E825Overvoltage in power stage
E826Undervoltage in power section
E829Positive position limit exceeded
E830Negative position limit exceeded
E831Position limit reached during jog
E843Positive limit switch activated
E844Negative limit switch activated
E881Mains fault
E886No ready signal from supply module
D300Command adjust commutation
D301Drive not ready for commutation command
D302Torque/Force too small to move
D500Command Get mark position
D501Incremental encoder required
D600Cancel reference point procedure command
D700Parking axis command
D800Command measuring wheel mode
D801Measuring wheel operation not possible
D802Operation mode cancelled.
D900Command automatic loop tuning
D901Start requires drive enable
D902Motor feedback data not valid
D903Inertia detection failed
D904Gain adjustment failed
D905Travel range invalid, P-0-0166 & P-0-0167
D906Travel range exceeded
C100Communication phase 3 transition check
C101Invalid communication parameter (S-0-0021)
C102Limit error communication parameter (S-0-0021)
C104Config. IDN for MDT not configurable
C105Configurated length > max. length for MDT
C106Config. IDN for AT not configurable
C107Configurated length > max. length for AT
C108Time slot parameter > Sercos cycle time
C109Position of data record in MDT (S-0-0009) even
C110Length of MDT (S-0-0010) odd
C111ID9 + Record length – 1 > length MDT (S-0-0010)
C112TNcyc (S-0-0001) or TScyc (S-0-0002) error
C113Relation TNcyc (S-0-0001) to TScyc (S-0-0002) error
C114T4 > TScyc (S-0-0002) – T4min (S-0-0005)
C115T2 too small
C118Order of MDT configuration wrong
C200Communication phase 4 transition check
C201Invalid parameter(s) (->S-0-0022)
C202Parameter limit error (->S-0-0022)
C203Parameter calculation error (->S-0-0022)
C204Motor type P-0-4014 incorrect
C210Feedback 2 required (->S-0-0022)
C211Invalid feedback data (->S-0-0022)
C212Invalid amplifier data (->S-0-0022)
C213Position data scaling error
C214Velocity data scaling error
C215Acceleration data scaling error
C216Torque/force data scaling error
C217Feedback1 data reading error
C218Feedback 2 data reading error
C220Feedback 1 initializing error
C221Feedback 2 initializing error
C223Input value for max. range too high
C227Modulo range error
C234Encoder combination not possible
C235Load-side motor encoder with inductance motor only
C236Feedback 1 required (P-0-0074)
C238Wrong function of encoder 2
C300Command Set absolute measuring
C302Absolute measuring system not installed
C400Switching to parameter mode
C401Drive active, switching not allowed
C402Only allowed without master
C500Reset class 1 diagnostic, error reset
C600Drive controlled homing procedure command
C601Homing only possible with drive enable
C602Distance home switch – reference mark erroneous
C604Homing of absolute encoder not possible
C700Basic load
C702Default parameters not available
C703Default parameters invalid
C704Parameters not copyable
C705Locked with password
C800Default parameter load
C801Parameter default value erroneous (-> S-0-0021)
C802Locked with password
A000Communication phase 0
A001Communication phase 1
A002Communication phase 2
A003Communication phase 3
A010Drive HALT
A012Control and power sections ready for operation
A013Ready for power on
A100Drive in TORQUE control
A101Drive in VELOCITY control
A102Position mode with encoder 1
A103Position mode with encoder 2
A104Position mode lagless, encoder 1
A105Position control lagless, feedback 2
A106Drive controlled interpolation, encoder 1
A107Drive controlled interpolation, encoder 2
A108Drive controlled interpolation, lagless, encoder 1
A109Drive controlled interpolation, lagless, encoder 2
A110Velocity synchronization, virtual master drive
A111Velocity synchronization, real master drive
A112Phase synchronization, encoder 1, virtual master drive
A113Phase synchronization, encoder 2, virtual master drive
A114Phase synchronization, encoder 1, real master drive
A116Phase synchr. lagless, encoder 1, virtual master drive
A117Phase synchr. lagless, encoder 2, virtual master drive
A118Phase synchr. lagless, encoder 1, real master drive
A128Cam shaft, encoder 1, virtual master drive
A129Cam shaft, encoder 2, virtual master drive
A130Cam shaft, encoder 1, real master drive
A132Cam shaft, lagless, encoder 1, virt. master drive
A133Cam shaft, lagless, encoder 2, virt. master drive
A134Cam shaft, lagless, encoder 1, real master drive
A146Relative drive controlled interpolation, encoder 1
A147Relative drive controlled interpolation, encoder 2
A148Relative drive contr. interpolation, enc. 1, lagless
A149Relative drive contr. interpolation, enc. 2, lagless
A203Stepper position mode
A204Stepper position mode, lagless
A206Process block mode, encoder 1
A207Process block mode lagless, encoder 1
A208JOG mode positive
A210Process block mode, encoder 2
A211Process block mode lagless, encoder 2
A218JOG mode negative
A800Unknown operation mode