TDM 1.2-030-300-W1-220

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The TDM drive is especially designed for high-accuracy servo applications in NC machine tools for metal machining and wood working,
transfer lines, automation systems, as well as in production machines in
the automotive industry.
It is usually operated as a variable-speed drive in the position control loop
of an NC. In this case a speed set-point is fed to the drive from the NC.
The TDM servo drive has the following application-specific functions:
– High short-time acceleration moments
– Torque reduction via I(red) input, which can be used for example
when running up to a fixed stop,
for reducing the load on the mechanical system coupled to the motor
under specific operating conditions,
for operating with controlled torque to load moving mechanical devices.
– Torque-controlled drive for master/slave operation of two motors that
are solidly coupled together.
– Reversal of direction of rotation for same set-point polarity.
– Set-point input via a differential input or two summing inputs with zero
voltage reference.
– Externally-adjustable drift offset via potentiometer.
– Equipment „ready“ state can be output via potential-free relay contact.
– Rapid and clear diagnostics and easy troubleshooting via the front
panel diagnostics and status lamps.
– All adjustment parameters are set on the MOD programming module,
so that the user of the servo drive does not need to carry out time consuming adjustments and calibration procedures.
Matching of the controller to the motor type by the user is therefore
generally unnecessary since the control parameters are already
optimized in the factory for the usual existing coupled masses.r