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HVE power supply units can be connected to mains voltages
consisting of 3 x AC 380 … 480 V. They are necessary for the power and
control voltage supply by Rexroth Indramat drive and control system types
HDD and HDS.
Motors of a maximum of 60 kW can be connected to HVE power supply units

A bleeder resistor absorbs the energy regenerated by the HVE power
supply units. Rexroth Indramat motors with a continuous mechanical
power of 60 kW can be connected.
The HVE power supply units operate with unregulated DC bus voltage.
The usable unit power depends on the power voltage. Therefore, power
data for the connection to four mains nominal voltages are indicated:
• 3 x AC 380 V,
• 3 x AC 400 V,
• 3 x AC 440 V and
• 3 x AC 480 V.
The power supply units of the HVE type are available in tree variations.
They can, if necessary, be combined with the DC bus choke GLD. This
makes an optimum adjusting to the power requirements of the application