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200 amp Rexroth Indramat single axis drive with no option cards.
If you are not able to transfer the option cards from your original drive, then you will need to purchase them separately.
The BE29 option consists of the following cards
Drive controllers of the DKR type have been designed for digital intelligent
control of the following Rexroth Indramat motors:
• a.c. main spindle motors 2AD or ADF,
• frameless spindle motors 1MB and
• linear motors LSF or LAF.
The output of these motors is between 10 and 93 kW of continuous
power at the motor output shaft.
For precise control and regulation of the motors there are DKR drive
controllers with different power ratings available.
Drives equipped with the DKR drive controller feature
• a high level of control and
• a broad speed range with constant power.
They are, for example, especially well-suited for use in
• NC-controlled machine tools or
• printing machines.
DKR drive controllers have been designed for direct mains connection to
grounded AC mains with 3xAC 400 V … 480 V.
They are equipped with an integrated mains contactor and an emergency
stop shutdown device.
Regenerated braking energy is supplied to the mains again – also in case
of emergency stop.
DKR02 and DKR03 devices can be ordered with an integrated brake
resistor, the DKR04 device can be expanded by an external brake
resistor. This allows decelerating a drive even if the mains fails.
Heatsink and blower are already integrated into the housing. The cooling
air is conducted through the machine in an air duct. This type of
construction means that whichever cooling variant is selected, it can be
quickly adapted to all demands and requirements, as, for example,
• with air from inside the control enclosure,
• with air from outside the control enclosure or
• cooling with a duct.
Various components, i.e., modules, are available for insertion into the
basic unit of the DKR. It is by means of these components that the DKR
can be adapted to a specific application, e.g., an already mounted
measuring encoder.
The basic unit is adapted to your application by fitting individual plug-in
cards into slots U1 through U5. Rexroth Indramat delivers the unit
completely configured. A configured drive consists of:
• the basic unit,
• a software module,
• command interface card(s) and
• auxiliary plug-in module(s).
The firmware is the operating software of the DKR which is installed in the
form of EPROMs on the DSM software modules and, if necessary, on an
auxiliary plug-in module.
The individual components are:
In a basic unit there are no plug-in cards in slots U1 through U5.
The firmware module is designate DSM02.3. The firmware of the
drive, i.e., the operating software, is on the firmware module. All drive
parameters are stored there. Select the firmware in terms of the
configuration selected and the features. It is dependent on them.
In the event that the unit must be replaced, all existing drive parameters
can be transmitted to the replacement unit simply by inserting the
firmware module. This means that the drive is immediately available to
operate with all its specific features.
Command interface cards with the following interfaces are currently
• SERCOS interface,
• Profibus interface,
• INTERBUS interface and
• analog interface.
Auxiliary plug-in modules with the following features are currently
• modules with digital I/Os for bidirectional data exchange,
• modules for different types of measuring systems:
• incremental measuring systems with square-wave signal output
• incremental measuring systems with sinusoidal signal output
• singleturn encoder measuring systems
• multiturn absolute encoders with SSI signal output
• Rexroth Indramat toothed wheel encoders
• measuring systems with analog power signals
• analog signal interface,
• modules with CLC link interface