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Upon ordering please identify which firmware you need included with your drive. The two major types of Firmware are ASE02 and ASE04.  There should be a label identifying the firmware on the unit. The drive system with the ECODRIVE drive controllers is the most cost-effective solution offering the highest functionality for almost any field of application in which translatory or rotary motions are to be automated.
Outstanding performance data, an extensive range of functions as well as an excellent price-to-performance ratio represent the salient features of this drive system.
Product features in terms of the technical applications are:
• universal implementation
• lower total costs
• digital drive concept
• highly dynamic operation
• cost-effective direct connection to the power connection
• software travel limit switch
• absolute or incremental position detection
• absolute or incremental position output
• integrated holding brake control
• increased operating safety
• adjustable error response
• automatic parameter matching
• easy startup operation