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Please be sure to specify firmware when ordering.  The firmware version can be found on the tag on the two Eproms.

The CLC card is a part of a larger motion control system which also includes digital servo
drives and SERCOS, a fiber-optic communication system. The CLC can provide multi-axis coordinated
and non-coordinated motion control with tightly integrated I/O logic control functions. The
flexibility of the CLC allows it to be used for a wide variety of applications, from general motion
control to sophisticated multi-axis electronic line shafting (ELS) to robotics.

CLC controls use SERCOS (SErial Realtime COmmunications System) fiber-optic interface to
interconnect with Indramat drives. The SERCOS interface is an internationally accepted standard for
real-time high-speed digital communication. It requires only a single daisy- chained fiber-optic
cable interconnecting the drives with the control. Synchronous data protocol guarantees response
time. It provides continuous monitoring and diagnostics for all devices and includes comprehensive
standardized definitions for control loop functions.

The CLC’s open bus architecture provides easy I/O interfacing to virtually any manufacturer’s PLC’s
and I/O cards. Both digital and analog I/O are available. Interrupt-type inputs can be
used to provide minimum response time recognition of external events.