The ECODRIVE03 DKCXX.3 universal automation system is an especially cost effective solution for open and closed-loop control tasks.

Available in different power capacities:
• 16 Amp
• 40 Amp
• 100 Amp
• 200 Amp

With a variety of interfaces:
• DKC11.3 Analog Interface
• DKC01.3 Parallel Interface
• DKC02.3 SERCOS Interface
• DKC03.3 Profibus-DP Interface
• DKC04.3 Interbus Interface
• DKC05.3 CANopen Interface
• DKC06.3 DeviceNet Interface
• DKC21.3 Parallel Interface 2

The ECODRIVE03 servo drive system features:
• a very broad range of applications
• many different integrated functions
• a highly favorable price/performance ratio

The ECODRIVE03 also features ease of assembly and installation, high system availability, and a reduced number of system components.

The ECODRIVE03 can be used to implement many different kinds of functions in a number of applications.
Typical applications are:
• metalworking
• printing and paper processing machines
• automatic handling systems
• packaging and food processing machines
• handling and assembly systems

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Showing 1–12 of 36 results