Rexroth Indramat DDS DKS Diax02 Drives

Indramat Rexroth DIAX02

Indramat Rexroth DIAX02 DDS02.1/03.1 Drive Controller Type Codes

DDS Type Code

Indramat Rexroth DIAX02 DKS01.2 Drive Controller Type Codes

DKS Type Code

DIAX 02 DDS, DKS, and DDC Fault Codes

Indramat DDS DKS DDC error code


















-1 Clearing data RAM

-2 Checking and, if necessary, automatic clearing of the parameter memory

(EEPROM) in the software module

-3 Loading program

-4 Checking Hardware

-5 Initializing hardware

-6 Initializing software

-7 Initializing the software

-8 Initializing the software

-9 Initializing the SERCOS

.. Watchdog

Ab Drive ready

AF Drive enable signal

AH Drive halt

A5 Starting lock-out

Bb Ready for input power

ES E-STOP (Emergency stop)

PA Park axis command

P0 Phase 0

P1 Phase 1

P2 Phase 2

P3 Phase 3

01 Double MST error shutdown

02 Double MST error shutdown

03 Invalid communication phase shutdown

04 Error during phase progression

05 Error during phase regression

06 Phase progression without ready signal

07 Switching to uninitialized operating mode

18 Drive overtemperature shutdown

19 Motor overtemperature shutdown

20 Bleeder overtemperature shutdown

22 Motor encoder failure

24 Overcurrent

25 Overvoltage error

26 Undervoltage error

28 Excessive deviation

30 Travel limit switch is exceeded

32 Command error

33 External power supply error

34 Error in internal software synchronization

35 Invalid reference cam position

36 Excessive actual position difference

37 Excessive position command difference

42 External encoder failure: signals too small

43 Invalid feedback data –> Phase 2

44 Travel limit switch detected

45 External encoder failure: quadrant error

46 External encoder failure:frequency limit exceeded

47 Error in detecting the marker of the external encoder

48 Low absolute encoder battery voltage

49 Master encoder failure

50 Drive overtemperature warning

51 Motor overtemperature warning

52 Bleeder overtemperature warning

60 Bridge fuse

61 Overcurrent: short to ground

67 Erroneous internal hardware synchronization

68 Brake error

69 ±15 V error

70 +24 V error

71 ±10 V error

72 +8 V error

73 Power supply to driver stage

74 Pattern data transmission time invalid

75 Number of transmitted pattern data invalid

76 Absolute encoder error

78 Velocity loop error

81 Program RAM error

82 Data RAM error

83 Error reading drive data

84 Drive data invalid

86 Error while writing to parameter memory

87 Parameter data invalid

88 Error reading motor data

89 Motor data invalid

90 Error while writing motor data

91 Configuration error

92 Absolute encoder not calibrated

93 DLC watchdog error, no communication with DLC possible

.  Output power

­_ EPROM checksum error

|| Invalid communications phase

|’ Error during phase progression

|, Error during phase regression

0 No progression to Phase 1

1 NC control unit has not yet triggered progression to Phase

2 Invalid parameters for Phase 3

3 Invalid parameters for Phase 4

4 Cyclical operation

5 Hardware error

6 MST not yet received

8 or 9 Test mode

A Address 0 set

b Double MDT error

o Double MST error


Usually paired with Indramat MDD Servo motors

DDS02.1-A050-D     DDS02.1-A050-DA01-01-FW     DDS02.1-A050-DA02-01-FW

DDS02.1-A100-D     DDS02.1-A100-DA02-01-FW     DDS02.1-A150-D

DDS02.1-A150-DA01-01-FW     DDS02.1-A150-DA02-01-FW     DDS02.1-A150-DA07-02-FW

DDS02.1-A150-DL01-01-FW     DDS02.1-A200-D     DDS02.1-A200-DA01-01-FW

DDS02.1-A200-DA02-01-FW     DDS02.1-A200-DL01-01-FW     DDS02.1-F200-DA01-01-FW

DDS02.1-W015-D     DDS02.1-W015-DA01-01-FW     DDS02.1-W015-RA02-02-FW

DDS02.1-W025-D     DDS02.1-W025-DA01-01-FW     DDS02.1-W025-DA02-01-FW

DDS02.1-W025-RA01-00     DDS02.1-W025-RL01-01-FW     DDS02.1-W050-D

DDS02.1-W050-DA01-01-FW     DDS02.1-W050-DA02-01-FW     DDS02.1-W050-DA11-01-FW

DDS02.1-W050-DL01-01-FW     DDS02.1-W050-RA02-02-FW     DDS02.1-W050-RL02-01-FW

DDS02.1-W100-D     DDS02.1-W100-DA01-01-FW     DDS02.1-W100-DA02-01-FW

DDS02.1-W100-DA06-01-FW     DDS02.1-W100-DA11-01-FW     DDS02.1-W100-DA14-01-FW

DDS02.1-W100-DL01-01-FW     DDS02.1-W100-DL13-01-FW     DDS02.1-W100-DS01-02-FW

DDS02.1-W150-D     DDS02.1-W150-DA01-01-FW     DDS02.1-W150-DA02-01-FW

DDS02.1-W150-DL01-01-FW     DDS02.1-W150-DL02-01-FW

DDS03.1-W030-D     DDS03.1-W030-DA01-01-FW     DDS03.1-W030-DA02-01-FW

DDS03.1-W030-DS01-02-FW     DDS03.1-W030-R     DDS03.1-W030-RA02-02-FW

DDS03.1-W050-D     DDS03.1-W050-DA01-01-FW     DDS03.1-W050-DA02-01-FW


DKS01.1-W030B-DA01-01-FW     DKS01.1-W030B-DL01-01-FW     DKS01.1-W030B-RL01-01-FW

DKS01.1-W050A-DA01-01-FW     DKS01.1-W050A-DL01-01-FW     DKS01.1-W100A-DA01-01-FW

DKS01.1-W100A-DA02-01-FW     DKS01.1-W100A-DL01-01-FW     DKS01.1-W100A-DL02-01-FW

DKS01.1-W100A-DL04-01-FW     DKS01.1-W100A-DL08-01-FW     DKS01.1-W100A-DL40-01-FW

DKS01.2-W100A-DA01-01-FW     DKS01.2-W100A-DL01-01-FW     DKS01.2-W100A-DL02-01-FW

DKS01.2-W100A-DL05-01-FW     DKS01.2-W100A-DS68-50-FW     DKS01.2-W100A-RA01-02-FW