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Indramat Rexroth Electric Servo Drive, Motor, Control, Power Supply Repair

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Indramat Rexroth Electric Servo Drive

It is never just a repair, it is a complete refurbishment of the highest quality.  Each circuit board has a number of components replaced.  Whether they are bad or not.  These are all components that have either been identified in service bulletins as problems, or items that we have identified over the years as high fail components.

Indramat Rexroth Electric Servo Drive repairs are performed in house.

Every unit is torn down to the individual assemblies and decontaminated / de-greased.

Once the unit has been gone through all updates and upgrades; it is reassembled and put on the test fixture.

Once the units are reassembled, they are then calibrated to factory specifications.

Units are then burned in on in house test fixtures.   After a burn in period, the alignments are double checked and the unit is allowed to burn in again.  This ensures that whether its a TVD 1.3-15-03 or an HVE02.2-W018N, it will be just as reliable as the day it was new.

Indramat Rexroth Electric Servo Drive

Indramat HVE Fan Shrouds. While other 3rd party repair facilities repair broken fan shrouds; we replace a broken fan shroud with one we manufacture.