Indramat Rexroth Repairs

Indramat Rexroth Electric Servo Drive, Motor, Control, Power Supply Repair

Indramat Rexroth Electric Servo Drive

Indramat Rexroth Electric Servo Drive repairs are performed in house.   Units are completely refurbished, not just repaired.  Every unit has dozens of components that are replaced whether they are bad or not.  These items are either called out by factory updates, or identified over the years as high fail components.  Units are torn down to their individual assemblies  and decontaminated/degreased.  Once the units are reassembled, they are then calibrated to factory specifications.  Units are then burned in on in house test fixtures to ensure every unit performs as it did when it was new from the factory.

Indramat Rexroth Electric Servo Drive

Indramat HVE Fan Shrouds

What happens when your third party repair facility encounters a unit with a broken fan shroud?  Do they glue or tape it together?  We replace them with ones that we manufacture.