We specialize in Bosch Rexroth Indramat electric servo drives, motors, power supplies and controls! We have a large inventory on hand with many items that can ship out the same Day!

All equipment is tested in house on our test fixtures to ensure that you get a reliable piece of equipment that will work the first time!

It’s never just a repair here at ACT Global! We will never settle for JUST repairing them!

It’s refurbished FULLY, like NEW Every Time!

  • Each unit is torn down to the individual assemblies

  • The case is decontaminated/degreased

  • Circuit boards have a number of components that are replaced (whether they are bad or not).

  • Many components that have either been identified in service bulletins as problems, or items that we have identified over the years as high fail components.

  • We have specially fabricated replacement parts, so it’s never glued like many try to do.

  • When the unit has been thoroughly evaluated, and any updates/upgrades are complete, it’s then reassembled.

  • From there it’s placed on the proper testing fixtures, and the alignments are done.

  • Once it has been tested, we double check alignments.

  • Then we run the testing all over again to ensure it will be as reliable as the day it came off the assembly line!


All refurbished units come with our

*12 Month WARRANTY* and 24/7 Technical Support!


If you don’t see the configuration you need, give us a call!

We can configure a solution for you!